Mobile Scan



To be top innovators, designers and developers of low cost mobile ultrasound devices for pregnant mothers in resource scarce environments.


To extend and enhance quality of human life
by innovating with integrity for and with communities.


Social impact


Saving pregnant mothers through extending and enhancing low cost mobile ultrasound devices
for low resource regions through innovation and integrity.

Save lives today

Meet the team:

We’re a team of design, medical & programming folks with deep expertise in building ultrasound mobile devices and software.

Prosper Ahimbisibwe
Clinical head

A junior medical doctor with diverse experience In charity, health camps, medical research & health advocacy

Menyo Innocent
Team leader

Director and Co-Founder with training in Medical Radiography to include Sonography.

Kyomuhendo Phyllis
Radiology Assistant

Phyllis is an enthusiastic medical imaging technologist passionate about life changing innovation and business

Nasasira Ivan
Information Systems Manager

Information Techinology specialist with vast knowledge about information systems.

Advisory team

Dr. Rosemary Byanyima
MMed Radiology, Consultant Radiologists- Mulago Hospital, Project advisor

Our Blog

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-04 at 2.49.06 AM

The journey of mSCAN was brought to life with winning of its first seed funding from UNFPA. There has never been a pitch that intense! For one of the co-founders, it was his first. Getting into the Up Accelerate program cohort II under Outbox Uganda has been the best thing that has happened for the mSCAN team. But more importantly the faith to get lifesaving ultrasound scan to a mother on the steep slopes of Kisoro, south-western Uganda was reinforced. For starters, mSCAN is a short acronym for mama scan and mobile scan, both equally important. MSCAN is a low-cost
Our boot camp was about co-team cohesion, initial company registration, monitoring and evaluation.

Our Partners

Field study

Our team engages collectively to the common ground.

Mubende case study
Mubende Case study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study
Mubende Case Study


Developing a low cost ultrasound system to work on mobile phones is great an idea.

Dr. Kakanye Sam

Many mothers and the fetus will be saved through such innovations

Prof. Omar Iki

This will also enhance research in the field of Radiology

Dr. Katumba John